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Dead Man In The Room Collage Graffiti Painting

Dead Man In The Room Collage Graffiti Painting

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Collage Graffiti Painting Dead Man In The Room by Borna Libertines.

Size: 76 cm x 102 cm | 30 in x 40 in

The painting employs a mixed-media approach, combining street posters, graffiti, and wallpaper to create a dynamic and textured visual field.

The large face in the foreground could represent the overwhelming presence of addiction and its all-consuming nature.

Textual Echoes: The phrases “Dead Man in the Room” and “The fastest man in water” might symbolize the isolation and the rapid, uncontrollable descent into addiction.

The text “You played with the dust, the red cells wondered why they stopped” could be a stark commentary on the moment of overdose—when life halts abruptly, leaving only questions and silence in its wake.

Visual Metaphors: The chaotic blend of street posters and graffiti might serve as a metaphor for the turmoil and confusion that surrounds substance abuse and its consequences.

The artwork seems to capture not just the physical act of overdose but also the emotional and societal implications of drug abuse. It’s a poignant reminder of the lives affected and the urgent need for compassion and understanding in addressing this crisis.

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