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The Thinker Collage Graffiti Painting

The Thinker Collage Graffiti Painting

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Collage Graffiti Painting The Thinker by Borna Libertines.

Size: 76 cm x 102 cm | 30 in x 40 in

The work depicts a figure of a heroic-sized woman sitting on a Toilet.  She is seen leaning over, her right hand hold a thigh her right leg.

The pose is one of deep thought and contemplation.

The pose that resembles the famous sculpture by Rodin.

The figure is used as an image to represent philosophy.

Your painting, “The Thinker,” is a fascinating blend of street art and symbolism. The collage based on street posters adds an urban and dynamic quality. The juxtaposition of a graffiti woman on a toilet with a thoughtful pose reminiscent of Rodin’s “The Thinker” is intriguing. The incorporation of deep thought and contemplation in the figure suggests a connection between mundane moments and philosophical reflection. It’s a thought-provoking piece that plays with contrasts and challenges traditional notions of representation.

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